The Environment of Walmer Study

“The Environment of Walmer” study first describes the geography of Walmer, its geology and soils, its climate and weather, the growth of Walmer and its land uses. It then describes different aspects of the environment. These are: its gardens, parks, open spaces and plantlife; wildlife; water resources; energy demands and supply; air quality; demand for food and materials; the built environment and, finally, transport. For each section it gives the historical context and describes the current position. It then indicates current issues and problems and describes the programmes that exist to address them. The study concludes with a set of suggested further initiatives that could be undertaken by the local authorities, schools or community groups.

The costs of publication of the study have been met from Kent County Council Members grants and a grant from Walmer Parish Council.

The Walmer Environment Study Group is asking Walmer residents to read and comment on the study, which is in draft, and make suggestions for local projects, indicating if they would like to be involved in them. Following review of the comments, the study will be amended and published.

The comments should be sent to