Kingsdown and Walmer Beach Management Plan

The beach in Walmer is a protected habitat. Prepared by The White Cliffs Countryside Partnership in 2011, the Kingsdown and Walmer  Beach Management Plan first describes the special characteristics of the plantlife and wildlife of the beach.

There are many rare plants located on the shingle, including the Sea Pea, Wild Carrot, Kidney Vetch, Sea Kale, Yellow Horned Poppy, Babingtons Orache  and Sea Beet.

Some of these plants such as the Babingtons Orache and Sea Beet are what is known as pioneer species, the first to grow on the shingle banks as they build up.

It also has interesting wildlife including the rare Bright Wave Moth and the Sussex Emerald Moth.

The plan then describes the problems such as the destruction of the plant community and sets out ways to address the problems and save the habitat.

The report is available for download as a pdf :

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