Air Quality Assessment

As a contribution to the study, a limited assessment has been made by Dover District Council recently of the level of NO2 levels along the Dover Road in Walmer with a diffusion tube detector located on the Dover Road at the junction with Cornwall Road, and another located next to Liverpool Road and Marke Wood recreation ground.

The level recorded for the month of October 2013 at the Dover Road site was 41.2 micrograms per cubic metre of air (ug/m3). In terms of site qualities, this is a kerbside location at a busy road junction close to a bus stop.

The UK air quality objective for this pollutant is 40 ug/m3 where there is relevant exposure e.g. at the front of residential properties. The level of 41.2 ug/m3 is much more than the Liverpool Road level of 15.7 ug/m3 as this site is located on a quiet road away from high levels of road traffic.

These levels may be compared to those recorded at a similar site in Townwall Street in Dover, where significantly higher levels up to 76 ug/m3 have been recorded historically. That area has significantly higher traffic flows with a higher proportion of HGVs.

For more information see Air Quality Monitoring in the Dover District

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